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Dr. James F. Alexander

Dr. James F. Alexander
FFT Founder, Clinical Director of FFT LLC.

Since 1972...

  • FFT LLC. is the dissemination organization for Functional Family Therapy. We serve 300+ community, state, national and international organizations who, in turn, provide FFT to over 20,000 families each year.
  • Within FFT LLC our exceptional team of consultants, trainers and researchers have not only worked with thousands of families in FFT, but they have each led teams, organizations and communities in successful FFT practice, research and implementation around the globe.
  • FFT LLC is solely endorsed by Dr. James Alexander, the founder and developer (along with Dr. Bruce Parsons) of the FFT model. Dr. Alexander continues to provide FFT LLC with ongoing oversight to assure training replicates the practice and outcomes found in FFT evaluations over the last four decades.
  • FFT LLC is the solely recognized training organization for FFT by Blueprints for Violence Prevention and many other organizations and supporters of evidence-based practice.
  • One of FFT LLC’s hallmarks is our ability to support the implementation of FFT across cultures and in an array of service delivery settings where at-risk adolescents are served. The FFT clinical model has been found to be highly effective in stemming problems ranging from acting out to conduct disorders to alcohol and/or substance abuse. Often these families tend to have limited resources, histories of failure, a range of diagnoses and multi-system exposure.
  • Our mission at FFT LLC is to assure each FFT therapist, supervisor, team, and organization is supported at the highest level of expertise to implement, achieve and sustain the best possible outcomes for youth and families.

First FFT European Conference

We are pleased to announce the first FFT European Conference in Uppsala, Sweden on May 14-15, 2013. Co-sponsored and hosted by FFT Sweden (Kjell Hansson and colleagues), the conference brings together FFT providers, researchers, and therapists from 10 nations to share our collective knowledge about FFT implementation, work with families, and current research. We hope you can join us. Click here for details or contact Holly Demaranville for more information. See you in Sweden!

NEW FFT BOOK TO BE PUBLISHED BY APA – available April 15, 2013!

The American Psychological Association Publications has announced that the release of the new book, Functional Family Therapy for Adolescent Behavior Problems, will be on April 15, 2013. The original book on FFT was written by Drs. James Alexander and Bruce Parsons nearly three decades ago. The new book provides a rich description of the clinical foundations of the FFT model, and provides compelling research evidence to support these theoretical underpinnings. Co-authored by James Alexander, Holly Waldron, Michael Robbins, and Andrea Neeb, Functional Family Therapy for Adolescent Behavior Problems walks therapists through each phase of the FFT model, from Engagement to Motivation, to Relational Assessment, to Behavior Change, to Generalization. Along the way, detailed descriptions and examples are provided to bring the clinical interior of treatment to life in ways that are directly relevant and helpful to therapists. In addition, the book provides information about exciting new arenas and populations in which we are providing FFT to youth and families as well as information about features of implementation, organizations, training, and supervision that support outcomes for youth and families. To pre-order your copy now, go to:

FFT Endorsements

Dr. Alexander’s FFT model is one of the nationally recognized Blueprints programs. In addition, FFT’s high rates of effectiveness have been recognized by:


  • The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention
  • The Center for Disease Control and Prevention
  • American Youth Policy Forum
  • US Department of Justice

FFT is one of four model programs named by the US Surgeon General as a model program for seriously delinquent youth (see Surgeon General’s Report on Youth Violence).

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